AquaField™ Mud

Optimized Drilling with Real-time Mud Analysis

Mud Meter

Introducing AquaField™ Mud Meter - a revolutionary solution that transforms mud logging processes through digitalization and automation. This cutting-edge technology offers continuous measurement of water, oil, and solids fractions in drilling mud, eliminating the need for traditional time-consuming retort analysis.

AquaField™ Mud Meter is more than a product; it's a patent-pending innovation that redefines efficiency in mud logging operations. Online and continuous measurement of the mud enables immediate detection of changes in the mud composition. This enables quick and proactive actions to adjust the mud to ensure safe drilling operations. With its automated monitoring capabilities, it reduces the HSE risk of the crew, optimizes the use of onsite personnel, making it a cost-effective and safe choice with unparalleled accuracy.

Its user-friendly interface, low cost per unit, and the assurance of the AquaField™ trademark makes it the go-to solution for drilling operations seeking streamlined processes without compromising precision. With easy installation, compact size, and lightweight design, AquaField™ Mud Meter ensures seamless integration into any drilling setup. Step into the future of drilling with AquaField™ Mud Meter - where trademarked excellence meets innovation, ensuring productivity enhancement and cost reduction.

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