AquaField™ Gold

The Only Self-Calibrating Multiphase Flow Meter - No Nuclear Source

Multiphase Flow Meter

Introducing AquaField™ GOLD, a compact, lightweight multiphase flow meter designed for monitoring production in wells. It operates without requiring PVT input once in operation - only density input of oil and gas during start up.

The flow meter does not use a nuclear source, thereby eliminating HSE risk related to handling and storage of these radioactive isotopes, in addition to the negative environmental factor. Configurable for upward flow, it provides accurate measurements independent of all flow regimes, such as slug flow, emulsions, and other types of flow conditions due to its unique technology. Salinity measurement is also included in the flow meter to provide accurate measurement of changes in the water properties in cases such as identifying water breakthrough from e.g., either water injection wells or cross flow from nearby production wells.

AquaField™ GOLD is advantageous for various applications, both in conventional and unconventional fields, flowback operations, drill outs, onshore and offshore applications, including subsea. This robust, cost-efficient tool utilizes patented detection principles to measure water content and conductivity, making it invaluable for production monitoring and reservoir optimization.

Key Specifications

Real-Time Measurements

  • Oil-Water-Gas Flowrates
  • Water Cut
  • Oil Fraction
  • Water Fraction
  • Gas Fraction
  • Conductivity/Salinity


  • Reservoir Management
  • Production Optimization
  • Well Production Testing
  • Well Performance Monitoring
  • Water Breakthrough Detection
  • Flowback
  • Drill outs

Features and Benefits

  • No PVT Input Required (Note 1)
  • Self-Calibrating
  • Low OPEX
  • Low CAPEX
  • Non-Intrusive
  • No Nuclear Source
  • Real-Time Measurement

    Note 1: Only density input of oil and gas during start up


AquaField™ Gold can be configured for upward flow, delivering accurate and repeatable measurements regardless of the flow regime. The meter’s size and operating envelope are determined by the minimum acceptable flow velocity. AquaField™ Gold is designed for vertical installation, ensuring optimal performance in various flow conditions.

The conductivity probe is integrated into the flow meter as a standard component, providing additional critical data for the user.

The Value of AquaField™ Gold for Your Business

The Only Self-Calibrating Multiphase Flow Meter - No Nuclear Source

Enhanced Recovery

Accurately measures flow rates and provides crucial information to reservoir management teams to increase oil recovery.

Real-Time Monitoring

Online, continuous, and real-time readings in continuous production or flowback flows.

Remote Well Management

Remotely monitor & analyze production data with AquaField™ through standard communication protocols, including wireless solutions.

CO2 Emission Reduction

Remove the need for traditional and periodic individual testing of wells using test separator and enable continuous production optimization.

Production Optimization

Provides accurate measurements of production data which enables operators to make informed decisions and maximize overall production efficiency.

Intuitive Dashboard

Provides operators with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface, allowing for easy visualization and analysis of data.

Product Feature MPFMs AquaField™ Gold
Direct Water Measurement
Conductivity/Salinity Measurement
Robustness to PVT Changes
Low CAPEX Cost
Low OPEX Cost
Self-Calibrating & No Nuclear Source

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