AquaField™ Green

PVT-Independent & Self-Calibrating Multiphase Water Cut Meter

Multiphase Water Cut Meter

AquaField™ Green, is a compact multiphase water cut meter, identifying changes in water production from production wells. Lightweight, full-bore and without intruding parts, it prevents pressure drops. Furthermore, it does not contain any nuclear source and operates, allowing it to tolerate PVT changes without the need for updated PVT data during operation. Configurable for upward/downward flow, it offers accurate measurements regardless of flow regime, determined by minimum flow velocity. This cost-efficient tool uses patented detection principles, measuring, in addition to water cut, also water fraction, gas fraction and oil fraction. The meter will also provide accurate salinity measurement of the water enabling water breakthrough detection.

This transformative solution supports the green transition by enabling digitalization in the fields. AquaField™ Green eliminates the need for traditional well testing, allowing continuous production optimization. It addresses conventional produced water issues, contributing to a more sustainable future for the oil and gas industry, promoting digital efficiency and environmental responsibility.

System Overview

Real-Time Measurements

  • Water Cut
  • Water Fraction
  • Gas Fraction
  • Oil Fraction
  • Conductivity/Salinity


  • Reservoir Management
  • Production Optimization
  • Well Production Testing
  • Well Performance Monitoring
  • Water Breakthrough Detection

Features and Benefits

  • No PVT Input Required
  • Low OPEX
  • Low CAPEX
  • Non-Intrusive
  • No Nuclear Source
  • Real-Time measurement


AquaField™ Green can be configured for both upward and downward flow, delivering accurate and repeatable measurements regardless of the flow regime. The meter’s size and operating envelope are determined by the minimum acceptable flow velocity. AquaField™ Green is designed for vertical installation, ensuring optimal performance in various flow conditions.”

The conductivity probe is integrated into the flow meter as a standard component, providing additional critical data for the user.

The Value of AquaField™ Green for Your Business

PVT-Independent & Self-Calibrating Multiphase Water Cut Meter

Unlocking the Potential

In the dynamic world of oil and gas extraction, precision is paramount. The AquaField™ Green - a multiphase water cut meter - empowers oil companies to harness critical data, enabling informed decisions and maximizing resource extraction.

Seamless Data Integration

Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates data from production wells, providing real-time insights into reservoir dynamics. Say goodbye to intermittent data gaps and hello to a comprehensive understanding of reservoir behavior.

Remote Well Management

Monitor and analyze water production data remotely with the AquaField™Green, which interfaces seamlessly with MODBUS industry standard protocols. The equipment is prepared for remote operations, enabling convenient remote services and maintenance by Hammertech.

Sustainability at the Core

Environmental responsibilities is non-negotiable. Our solution not only optimizes operations, but also minimizes greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring a greener footprint for your operations.

Production Optimization

Transform your reservoir management approach with our game-changing solution that provides accurate measurements of water fraction. Embrace precision, reliability, and sustainability for a brighter future in oil and gas extraction. This innovative technology empowers operators to make informed decisions, maximizing overall production efficiency.

Intuitive Dashboard

Equipping operators with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface, our intuitive dashboard faciliates seamless visualization and analysis of water fraction data. Whether in the field or remotely, operators can effortlessly control reservoir management from anywhere, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in decision-making.

Product Feature Water Cut Meters AquaField™ Green
Direct Water Measurement
Conductivity/Salinity Measurement
Provides Oil, Water & Gas Fractions
Multiphase Water Cut Measurement
PVT Independent & Self-Calibrating

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