Our ESG Contributions

Welcome to Hammertech, where cutting-edge technology meets environmental stewardship. Our multiphase meter products not only enhance operational efficiency but also drive significant reductions in carbon emissions, promote water conservation, and prioritize health and safety. At Hammertech, we're dedicated to revolutionizing the oil and gas industry by delivering innovative solutions that not only meet industry standards but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Our multiphase meter products significantly reduce CO2 emissions from mobile well testing by reducing the need for big trucks to transport mobile well systems, generators to power systems, and flaring of gas from test separators.

Efficient Sampling Practices

By replacing traditional sampling methods, our meters eliminate the need for vehicles to transport personnel for sampling, reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly operations.

Water Conservation

Through optimized oil production and minimized associated water production, our meters contribute to reduced water treatment, disposal, and overall energy consumption, resulting in a lower CO2 footprint.


Hammertech's multiphase meters allow less personnel to be present in hazardous areas and enhancing safety.


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